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18 months after the their debut EP 'We Will Never Grow Old' (March 2013), German band EWIAN raised the ante with their album 'Good Old Underground' (October 2014, Timezone Records). A look at the press reviews confirms that their style is hard to pidgeonhole. There's indie rock, post-rock and shoegazing, with inspiration drawn from artists like Interpol, The Cooper Temple Clause, Placebo, and Sigur Ros.
While EWIAN collaborated with international artists on their debut LP (among them London-based Fifi Rong and James Hrabak from the States) the new release, which is due Fall 2015, sees a shift of focus toward the band's very own unique style which is characterized by a recurring element in EWIAN's music: a massive wall of sound. Latvian-born front man and composer Ewian Christensen experiments with electronic sounds and doesn't shy away from running the signal of his electric piano through various overdrive pedals. The resulting cracking pianos often alternate with delicate guitar parts. The sound is tamed by vocals which range from prominent to fragile to bittersweet, paired with ethereal, sometimes sacral elements. With his dynamic and multifaceted playing, guitarist Jannis Körfer-Peters adds much to the distinctive wall of sound.
With their fourth release and second album We Need Monsters, German band EWIAN continues the evolution of their sound. Again, their trademark elements of fragile and bittersweet vocals, distorted E-pianos and noisy guitars add up to a remarkable wall of sound. The new release, which is due Fall 2015, sees a shift of focus toward the band's very own, unique style. We Need Monsters might not be a concept album, but the idea of projection as a means of psychological defense takes center stage. The album title is based on this idea. To turn this concept into a building of lyrics and sounds, EWIAN deliberately take the risk to lose that much and widely propagated homogeneity - etheral shoegaze, indie hooks and elements of noise rock are just as confidently used as post-rock.
Fans of 90's Radiohead and Placebo should particularly be pleased by the new album. Following the release of We Need Monsters, EWIAN will take a break from recording to channel their energy into performing live and bringing their music directly to the heart of their audience.
Their live performances demand full attention by the crowd - to escape the gravitational pull of their melancholic yet rocking songs is not an easy thing to do.

Ewian Christensen (Vocals, Keys, Soundsystem)
Jannis Körfer-Peters (Guitar, Vocals)
Florian Jooß (Drums)

We Need Monsters (LP, Timezone Records, November, 2015)
Good Old Underground (LP, Timezone Records, October, 2014)
Voices In Your Head (Single, Rebeat Digital, October 2013)
We Will Never Grow Old (EP, Rebeat Digital, March 2013)